Natuzzi Sound fotel


Natuzzi kanapé áruház Törökbálint

Tel: +36 23 510 648

Its design was created to give life to a new dimension of physical and mental comfort. There is an extractable minijack cable between the backrest and the seat, which can be connected to an MP3 player. There is a 25 watt amplifier and two invisible speakers inside the backrest, which transform the armchair into a stereo speaker. Sound does not require the use of headphones because it is designed to capture the music without spreading the sound. Sound was created to offer a unique experience of relaxation, enjoying the best listening in the best conditions. Available with covering in leather, microfiber and fabric. Also without speakers. Ide kattintva felveheti velünk a kapcsolatot, és a kiválasztott bútorra árat küldünk Önnek!

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